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Wireless networking

Enhance your wireless network without spending a lot of time and money.

Revolutionary Wireless Intelligence Platform

You can have complete visibility into your current wireless deployment using a revolutionary next generation Wireless Intelligence Platform. It is vendor agnostic, and seamlessly integrates into any WiFi environment with ease.

Expert WiFi Enhancement

Version3 can monitor all of the WiFi around you, not just your specific network. Our team can make simple enhancements to your existing infrastructure that will offer significant reliability and performance without a costly rip and replace. In many cases our customers have extended the life of their existing WiFi deployment for several years with one simple tool and a few engineering hours.

Real-time Wireless Status Monitoring 24/7

Sensors provide on board computational analysis using proprietary algorithms. This allows for pattern recognition, fingerprinting, and behavioral profiling without adding overhead to your network. All of this data is provided in a cloud-based dashboard that allows your team to become wireless configuration and troubleshooting experts with little time or knowledge of your existing wireless controller deployment.


Version3 was founded by three partners who all worked as technical engineers at various companies within the healthcare and education markets. Our founders are seasoned software development and network security experts. Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service with considerable value to all. The corporate office is located in Montgomery, Alabama with a satellite office in Birmingham. Version3 data centers are located in Nashville, Atlanta, and Greenville. Our engineers provide mission critical services to clients throughout the United States. We will be opening branch offices in Mississippi and Florida in the second quarter of 2018. We continue to offer our business partners outstanding customer service while creating secure and stable technology growth. We focus on all of our projects with a cost-conscious mindset. We cure technology problems without breaking your budget. Contact Us